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Why do we feel the necessity to capture a moment and share it and not others?

Significance is the answer here. We see significance in that moment we capture and that is what we want to share. Not the image itself but the significance of the moment. What it means to us. And that significance comes charged with emotions: happiness, sadness, concern, pride, loneliness, thirst, hunger, anger, and every emotion in between.

Thus, by sharing our significant image, we share the related emotion. It is clearly seen in photojournalism or our son’s first bicycle ride.

In other words, we are attempting to transfer energy: The energy we felt when we took the picture. The same excitement that made us snap those frames…

Every photograph that we take, and share, is energy transfer. We use photography to communicate the energy we originally felt. Great photographs do this extremely well (think of the classics) while others fail miserably…

While we continue trying to define what photography is as it continues to define who we are, it is important to understand its role in communication protocols. Photography has established itself as an undeniable conduit of human emotions that can transfer energy from one human being to another via both space and time. It is time to recognize that and put it in the forefront of everything we do from now on.

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